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Oct 9, 2012 2:00am EDT
it was paid for through gasoline taxes. [applause] thethe st. lawrence seaway connecting the great lakes, opening the great lakes to traffic again had been on the drawing board since the administration of theodore roosevelt and eisenhower -- eisenhower took, assumed the presidency in a time of mccarthyism and incredible communist witchhunt. he did it as he did so many things in the background. it was eisenhower orchestrated the army's response in the army mccarthy hearings. i'm not going to get into a contest but that stunk. and when it was over mccarthy had him vanquished but i think it was the desegregation issue perhaps in which eisenhower most often underestimated. president truman had ordered the army to be desegregated in 1950 but the that the army had not complied. 85% of the army was still segregated when i had to power. ike ordered the military services to desegregate and of course this was a new supreme commander whose words they immediately obeyed. he culminated the segregationists of will service and after brown versus board of education, and he ordered the integration of the
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am EDT
, sitting next to him, not having dinner, sitting next to al gore is taxing. it is really unpleasant. we asked him what was going on in the white house and he said 1%. i believe it is higher. but if we step back, we often don't know what is going on. that is the dilemma. i want to talk briefly and then answer questions about her new book that i have done, which is just out, called the price of politics. it is about 3.5 years of negotiations between the obama white house and the republicans in congress and the democrats. how they essentially tried to bring the federal government's financial house to some kind of order. the answer is they failed. we have a federal government whose financial house is in total disorder, total disarray. it is a historic problem. to try to put it in english, we have a trillion dollars of iou outstanding in the world. the negotiations, they agreed to raise what they call the debt ceiling, so the government can borrow a couple more trillion dollars. we are going to run it run out of that borrowing authority january or february of next year. they're going to have
Oct 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
and security of the nation. >> did you sign a grover norquist no tax pledge of? >> no. >> would you sign such a pledge of? >> no. >> why? >> because i say the only pledge i sign is a pledge to sign no more pledges. we've got to ensure that we go back and represent our constituents in a way that i believe in limited government, economic freedom from individuals wanted billy. i don't want higher taxes but no more pledges. >> we have to stop it right there. each candidate will not give a one minute closing statement, and going in reverse order of the opening statements we start with jeff flake. >> thank you all. this been a great debate. the hallmark of this country has always been that the next generation will have a better than the previous generation. that's certainly the hallmark of arizona where the beauty of the sunset is only eclipsed by the splendor of the sunrise the next day. we've got to ensure that we have somebody who understands the proper role of the federal government, and is there to establish a tax and firm and a regulatory environment where businesses can flourish. but it
Oct 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
the super pacs. we have no idea who the donors are and where not even going to see those groups file tax returns for another year and a half. through the election will be long over before you ever have any idea how much money they had and even then we will never know who actually put in all that money. just because we don't know doesn't mean that people have benefited from all those donations won't. politicians, most of them, corporations will give money like that, they are expecting a return on investment. just because we don't know doesn't mean they're not expecting gratitude. they will make darn sure people who benefit from the contributions know exactly who they gave to. we have no idea what those people in turn if they went will be doing for that money and we will never be able to tie those things together like we can now when we look at campaign contributions that are made to candidates. we compare those contributions to vote. that will happen with the donations to the 501(c)(4)'s. >> i want to remind everyone who is here in the room with us that you have an opportunity write down
Oct 10, 2012 7:30am EDT
tonight, they love politicians who, want to raise your taxes, right? they love politicians who want to expand in any state. got to check all the boxes here, they love presidents who have a wandering eye. if they have the right political views. they love the lives of at least and by those presidents or politicians of wandering eyes, as long as there is a senate seat attention up for grabs. they love all things communist. i actually had a chance to live in the former soviet union, and i don't really look back on my time in the soviet union with a college student like pine for the days of soviet russia. but you get the sense that some of our friends in the are just like if we can only of those red lines again, that would be awesome. so from castro to gorbachev to other comets things come to mind, obama. no, a rideable yacht me for that. they love this. it brings back today with a could really draw a bright line. the evil united states versus the communitarians in the former soviet union. they love celebrities who, when they hear the word complicated acronyms like gdp, they think gdp, g
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5